Friday, January 3, 2014

Out of the Box! Joyce Oroz

Outside the Proverbial Box
What’s wrong with a box? Each year our ornaments are boxed and stored for the next Christmas tree we adopt. Our tax files are neatly stuffed into a box and saved for seven years or until the earth falls out of the sky. Our valentines, birthday cards and pageant programs are lovingly shoved in a box, never again to see the light of day. Our old clothes are boxed and taken to the second-hand thrift store. So why turn against the proverbial box?
      I’m just sayin, there might be a better way. What if all the Christmas ornaments were made out of chocolate covered kale? What if we had a flat tax and only had to send one page to the IRS? What if cards were erasable and resendable? What if we walked our old clothes directly to the alley or under the bridge where the homeless shiver in the cold? 
Here in the picture is a box I call, Wally. My grandson, Avery, invented this emergency solar generator that also runs my eight-foot waterfall during the summer.
I can just hear you now, asking “what would we do with all those empty storage boxes?” Cats, raccoons and little children love boxes. They climb in, under and around, stack them, slide downhill in them and fall asleep in them. Wouldn’t it be nice to flatten most of the boxes and save them in a small space instead of using half your garage as a storage area? Just sayin. 

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