Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Interview With Tim Hall......by Joyce Oroz

Tim Hall is a young (compared to some of us) energetic family man with an amazing gift for writing. Cozy Cat Press recently published his latest mystery novel, Dead Stock, which takes place in and around New York City and stars a young man named Bert Shambles. The name gives us a clue as to his personality and taste in clothing. Anyway, lets meet Tim. 

Hello, Tim. With so many wonderful career choices in the world, why did you choose to be a writer?

I definitely didn't choose to become a writer; writing chose me. It happened when I was 10 and read The Hobbit. I knew exactly what I was going to do with my life. I actually tried quitting once, about 15 years ago. I made it for about 3 months, then one day before I knew what had happened I had filled about 20 pages of long hand with a story. I haven't tried quitting since.

Yes, do keep writing! Tim, do you write full-time, or have another gig going? What is your weekly schedule like?

I've had a full-time job for the last two years, but for 6 years previously I was a full-time dad. My writing schedule was about the same then as now: I get up early (4-5 a.m.) and try to write for an hour or two before reality takes over. Nowadays I also write in the evenings after I get home from work. Weekend mornings I sleep late, until 6 or even 7!  

Obviously you are an expert mystery writer. Is your protagonist anything like you in REAL life.

Great question. My protagonist, Bert Shambles, is the least factually autobiographical character I've created, and yet he's the most truly "me" as well. He's a noble, nonconformist slacker at heart, very sweet and romantic but a bit of a ditz. Much more emotional than rational and trying not to do any harm. He sometimes succeeds.

Please tell us what else you like to do besides write. 

I love to cook, and when I'm motivated or need a break I take a run through Central Park in Manhattan.

Would you rather vacation at the coast or in the mountains?

I'm a beach bum, to the core. I grew up on Long Island, which a lot of people don't realize has some of the best beaches in the world--the south shore is over 100 miles of gorgeous white sand ocean beaches. I've traveled to plenty of sandy spots--Florida, Caribbean, California, Mexico, Spain, anywhere--and I still think LI is beach heaven. Another great beach most people don't know about is the western coast of Michigan. Amazingly beautiful beaches there. Though I prefer saltwater, it's a place I really want to go back to.    

Where can we find your books and any other published works?

Right now they're on Amazon, in Kindle and Paperback, with more options and locations coming soon. 

Thank you, Tim for taking the time to share your personal life with us. Happy writing!

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