Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Pile of Pigs........Joyce Oroz

 This is a follow-up on the blog story, “A Rose Named Violet,” about a paranoid woman who was given a very beautiful and special rose bush which she treasured and named Violet. But for thirty-five years she worried she would kill the beautiful tree rose someday, like the dead and dying cyclamen, daisies, and succulents already suffering in her garden. She moved from town to town over the years and everywhere she lived she planted rose babies from her special rose bush named Violet. 

One day the unthinkable happened. Violet bought the farm. Ten years later the woman drove by a house she had previously owned, saw two of her full-grown rose-babies in the front yard and asked the owner for two clippings. He graciously let her clip his bushes. That is the back story. Here is what has happened since. 

woman potted the two clippings. 
She religiously watered, fed, and covered them with a tablecloth every night. She uncovered them every morning, letting them bask in the winter sun, and checked to see if they had sprouted leaves. She said it was more work than raising a pile of pigs. Even though temperatures dipped down to 15 degrees a couple times, the clippings were happily wrapped in their tablecloth room. Currently, the baby clippings are green, and one of them has actual green leaves and a curly tail. Just kidding.

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