Friday, January 24, 2014

The New Oxy Moron

Today I want to tell you about a little trip I took with my grandson, Myles. It was a trip back to my roots. I drove north on the curvy Highway Nine which begins in Santa Cruz, passes through Felton, Ben Lomond, Brookdale and finally Boulder Creek. Why did they name a town Boulder Creek—because of the big boulders in the creek? Works for me. 

At a glance, the size and features of the town look about like they did sixty, eighty, or a hundred years ago. But the innards have definitely changed. 

Mac’s Bar was a real spittoon-type three-fights-a-night western bar. Now it is a wonderful antique shop. 

The bowling alley (one lane) across the street is now a marshal arts studio. The movie theater (large quanset hut) is now Round Table Pizza. The library (big as a guest room) turned into a pumpkin—I mean Real Estate office. Down the street a couple blocks is the Brewery Café (wonderful restaurant) that used to be a grocery store before it was a Post Office, before it belonged to Bigfoot and the wild bears. 

To understand the real color and flavor of Boulder Creek you need to take a stroll down the sidewalk (used to be wood) and enjoy the fresh air and friendly people.  

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  1. Hi Joyce... it was such a pleasure to meet you last week. Thanks for the mention of our shop!! And... you've inspired me to get back to my own writing! I just because a follower. Will be checking back often.
    Best, Chris Flynn, BCAntiques & Art