Tuesday, December 31, 2013

@rosalindatweets........by Joyce Oroz

I just finished reading Rosalinda Randall's new book, "@rosalindatweets," inspiring conversation and spreading civility one tweet at a time. Lovely book, frank messages.

We think of ourselves as civil, sane and just people, but there is always room for improvement or at least a reminder of the values and manners our mothers and fathers taught us.
Rosalinda says that most of her tweets were inspired by her daily experiences. I say, she had an excellent up-bringing. This is a smart, savvy gal who knows her way around the work place, the home and school. Here are a few example tweets from her book of 300 tweets.

"An excuse is worse than and more terrible than a lie; for an excuse is a guarded lie." Alexander Pope

Please don't pick your teeth with your raffle ticket.

"He who knows how to be poor knows everything." Jules Michelet

No need to extend your pinky; it is considered pretentious.

Now, move over Emily Post because Rosalinda Randall knows how to say what you mean without being mean. She is spreading civility one tweet at a time. Dive into the conversation with a copy of "@rosalindatweets" available from Amazon.


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