Wednesday, December 11, 2013

California Heads Joyce Oroz

Checked my garden today. Dead and dying plants everywhere. They cry out to me to give them warmth, they say I lied when I said it's never cold in California. Their little buds have shriveled, their leaves grey and glassy. My heart goes out to them, but what more can I do? I went through every tablecloth I own, covering their delicate leaves and rotting flowers. Most of the cloths are red. Now there is color in my garden, lumpy drapey red checkered cloths everywhere. So this is what it's like to live up north or in the northeast. I wonder if Santa has to go through all this trouble just to have a few bright little geraniums around. Shame on me. I was California callused. I didn't understand real weather until it came to my flowerbeds. 
15 degrees! Twice!

This morning was better--a cheery 22. I wonder how Josephine's marigolds are doing.  

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