Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Day Before Joyce Riley

Among my family and friends 
my cousin Joyce never pretends.
She writes poems from her heart
every one true and smart.
If her Christmas poem makes you smile
maybe she ditched the truth for awhile.
          After all.........
It's fun to know the turkey's view
of hungry people like me and you.

The Day Before Christmas
                                       By Joyce Riley
‘Twas the day before Christmas.  
Momma was fretting 
About the tom turkey 
our Poppa was getting.  
Poppa had told us, 
“It’s a bonus, you see.”
“The biggest and freshest is promised to me.”
The oven was hot and the dressing prepared.
Christmas Eve was the night we gathered and shared.
And, Grandpa, with checkers, and Grandma with shawl
Had arrived at the house with presents for all.
Our sweet aunt, Loretta and fat Uncle Neil
Were delivering pies to add to the meal.
More aunts and uncles and cousins, galore,
Hugged us and kissed us as they streamed through the door.
But, Momma was fading. Her smile was contrived.
For, Poppa and turkey had not yet arrived.
Then, out in the front yard there arose such a roar,
Momma threw off her apron and ran to the door.
Poppa was standing with a slight, tipsy wobble
Holding a turkey, which still had its gobble.
Momma fainted and so, we took her inside.
Poppa just followed with his bonus and pride.
Momma awoke, ‘though her head was still rocking,
In time to see Tom eating candy from stockings.
Poppa asked her forgiveness.  Momma heeded his plea.
“At least, my dear husband, the turkey was free.”
That night, when we ate, Grandpa offered this blessing:
We thank you, dear Lord, for hot dog’s and dressing.”
Said Tom, as he left with his wings in full flight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Thank you, dear cousin Joyce Riley

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