Friday, December 27, 2013

Okinawa Arthur Oroz

A surge of pure joy zaps everyone in the room, Laura, Diane, Michelle and Gina. The women hold tight the preview copies of a novel written by their father Arthur Oroz. They are fixated on the back cover picture where their dad and his dog relax at the beach. They will remember the ham, the cookies, the music and the Christmas joy, but they will never forget the day Art surprised them completely with a book called "Okinawa Moon."  
I have inside information that the book, written several years ago, is about a group of GI's dealing with the Korean War plus a tragic incident near their base. The main characters are ground crewmen who repair and maintain the B-29s which are sent out
on endless bombing missions. Young GI, Montez and his best friends deal with fellow GIs who have a condescending, disdainful and imperious attitude toward the Okinawan people. These attitudes lead to serious trouble and Montez must make things right.
Stay tuned for news on when
"Okinawa Moon" will be available to the public. 

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