Monday, December 8, 2014

When Trees Joyce Oroz

Today I’m in a holiday mood. I dug out my twelve-inch metal Christmas tree, expertly painted by someone, probably a woman in China, and placed it close to my computer. The painted balls and greenery brighten my desk, and there is no assembly required.

Speaking of women who paint, I know a lady who can REAllY paint! My friend Kati D’Amore paints portraits, landscapes, seascapes and still life paintings with good old fashioned oil paint. They are fresh and fabulous.

Another woman I admire is my yoga instructor. Sonia Westphal can turn her body into a pretzel while sewing a quilt at top speed on her bicycle. Some people just have a gift.

Another friend of mine is extremely talented. Tomi Edmiston can unsnaggle a computer, proof a manuscript to perfection, train Rottweilers, paint pictures and grow fabulous roses while fending off snails, gophers, squirrels, bats, and the occasional unicorn.


My friend, Barb Scoles is no slacker. This lady can find a beautiful Santa inside any old piece of wood. She just scrapes at the wood until she finds it. She’s a bit of a Tigger—bouncing from project to project, while helping the less fortunate find their God-given bounce.

Did I mention Patricia Rockwell? She’s a well educated lady who started her own publishing business, created her own business plan and executes it perfectly. She works closely with over forty authors, patiently and precisely. And manages to write books on the side, all with one hand tied behind her back!

Kathy Aguras is another amazing woman. She runs her Real Estate business and the Dragonfly Gallery while balancing herself on a unicycle. Well, not quite, but she does drive a nifty yellow Jeep.

I know so many, many wonderful, talented women—just thought I would name a few ladies who can inspire trees to dance and stones to smile. Just Sayin.

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