Friday, December 12, 2014

Rain Please Joyce Oroz

How would you describe a good gully-washer rain storm? For me it starts with the pre-storm expectation of rain, gobs of rain coming soon—something California hasn’t seen in the last three years. Will there be thunder, lightning, flooding? 

What if a tree falls on my car while I’m navigating country roads where the pavement cracks and drops into a raging river ninety feet below? What if a wall of mud slides down the mountain onto my car or a big boulder breaks loose and, yikes. 

I think I’ll stay home today. Bring out the popcorn and a good book. I'll read my new Poppy Cove Mystery, Strangled By Silk. I can shop another day, except that I really need to buy fresh chives and sour cream for tonight’s baked potatoes. Well, maybe the rain won’t be as bad as the weatherman predicts. What do they know, with their maps and dopey dopplers and such? 

I have my intuition to rely on. Besides, I’ve been driving my whole life and no rock has ever rolled down a mountain and squished my car. Wish me luck!

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