Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Toast To Cynthia Newberry......Joyce Oroz

Ever try to type while looking through misty eyeballs? That is me today—the last day of the year, saying goodbye to 2014. There are parts of this year I am happy to let go of, but not everything. Because Cynthia Newberry is a very sweet, open and honest person with a loving family and dear husband, I feel I can introduce her to you and encourage your attendance at a fund raiser which will hopefully help where her new insurance failed. Failed completely! Here is the information. Your support will be appreciated.

What: Unite 4 Cindy; a fundraiser for local artist, muralist, teacher, CASA Volunteer who is dying from cancer
Where: Bargetto Winery, 3535 North Main Street
When: January 23, 2015 from 6-9 pm
Cost: $25 for wine tasting, appetizers music and a raffle
For more information: Call Sarah Murphy (831) 234-5050, visit
— with Jake Czuk and 12 others.

Cynthia Newberry has many accomplishments under her belt, beautiful daughters, loving friends and Victor, the husband she adores. She began her very successful art career fifteen years ago today. As a self-taught artist, she beat the odds that artists face. Not many artists are able to live off their work, but Cynthia's amazing murals, paintings, sewing and art classes kept her in the game over the years. She has an optimistic and joyful soul that gives her strength, and a family that cares. Even with all of that, she needs your help and prayers. The Bargetto event is a wonderful way to help our lovely friend, neighbor, teacher, Cynthia Newberry. Thank you for caring!

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