Sunday, December 21, 2014

A True Christmas AR

It's almost Christmas. This morning I glued a tiny silver star to the pointy top of my foot-tall metal Christmas tree on my desk, and now I am going to treat you, my friends, to a wonderful story. My magnanimous friend wrote it from the nonfiction side of her brain--she's usually all about true but funny. This story deserves your attention. I happen to know it really happened. In AR's own words:

As some of you may know, Fred & I have been helping to distribute free fruits and vegetables twice a month to folks here in Aromas.  The program is only 2 months old.  A grandmother has volunteered  to help us on 4 different dates and brought her 6 year old granddaughter along.   The little girl is just precious and always anxious to help.  She’s bagged carrots for people, gave out loaves of bread to families, sorted through tomatoes and passed out candy canes to other children and their parents.  This last Tuesday night I asked her what she hoped Santa would bring her for Christmas and she replied “An American Girl doll. That’s all I want.”  The look on the Gramma’s face said it all, and then she shook her head back and forth saying a silent “No. It’s not going to happen.”
   Wednesday morning found me entertaining out of town friends, but Wednesday afternoon I was desperately trying to figure out how to get my hands on an American Girl doll.  At this late date, the American Girl website would not guarantee delivery before Christmas. 
I called the Gramma to get permission to try and get her granddaughter the doll.  I told her, “It may not be brand new, but I’ll try my best.’”  To which Gramma replied, “Once she sees the doll she’ll never know the difference. “   I went on line; things were looking kind of shaky.  I thought, I’ll call our daughter, Chantell, she’ll know what to do or where to direct me.  She’s a busy mother and didn’t answer her cell phone, so I left a message ~ “I need to find an American Girl doll for a little girl that helps hand out food to the needy.  It’s the only thing she’s asked for and her family just can’t afford the doll at this time.  Can you help me find one?  It doesn’t have to be new but I want it in good condition.”
I didn’t hear back from Chantell, and I didn’t hear back, I knew something must be wrong, maybe she’s sick.  Checked my e-mail.  Nothing.  At 7 p.m. I perused “Facebook.”  Much to my surprise, there was a message from Chantell to all her Facebook buddies, with a request, for an American Girl doll, to fulfill a  sweet  little girl’s only Christmas wish, a little girl who  helps her (Chantell’s) parents pass out food for the hungry and needy.
For all my complaining about kids using social media, I have to say, when it works, it WORKS!  Not one, but two of Chantell’s friends volunteered American Girl dolls and clothes.  Another friend said she made American Girl clothes and would be happy to donate clothes so the doll will look beautiful. The doll is being picked up today, and will be priority mailed, to be under the tree on Christmas “from Santa.”
I haven’t stopped crying.  My heart is over-joyed.  What a wonderful gift we’ve received.  May you be as blessed as I am.
Merry Christmas, Everyone!
 Love, AR
and best wishes from Baby Hooter for a very
Merry Christmas

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