Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet Author Diane Weiner........Joyce Oroz

Today I am happy to introduce Diane Weiner, author of two cozy mystery novels--and more to come. Murder is Elementary is followed by Murder is Secondary, naturally. Diane is a very capable, wonderful writer and I predict that she has a great future in the mystery business. Here is a typical review of her first book.

"This book was a quick read- not only because the plot moves along at a good pace but because I literally couldn't stop reading! It was suspenseful and well-written. The characters were easy to relate to and the author did a good job of keeping the reader guessing. Awesome ending- not what I expected at all. I definitely recommend this one!"

Now, here is Diane in her own words:

My “writing career” basically started as a mid-life crisis. What was still left to do? In my 20’s I got married and started a family. In my 30’s, I got a Master’s Degree. In my forties, I took up marathon running and got a doctorate. When fifty hit…. I thought I’d try writing a book. I figure that getting older isn’t so bad if you can add accomplishments as you add the years! I will forever be grateful that Patricia Rockwell took me on as a Cozy Cat writer and made my dream of becoming an author come to fruition.

I have always loved reading mysteries. As a child growing up in upstate New York, I spent many snowy winter days and sticky summer days escaping into the pages of Nancy Drew, and later, Mary Higgins Clark. When I was very young, I remember carrying around a notebook and writing poems. In high school, I was recognized by the National Council of English Teachers for an essay I wrote. Now I stick to writing cozies. I have published a few music education articles, and a dissertation. After writing a dissertation, fiction writing is pure joy.

The idea for my first novel, Murder is Elementary, started as an image in my head of a cupcake on top of a principal’s desk. Last summer, I attended Mystery Writers’ University, a one day series of workshops sponsored by Mystery Writers of America, and started writing during one of the sessions. Jess Lowry, a wonderful author/teacher from Minnesota, led one of the workshops and presented a step by step method of getting started on our books. Being a teacher, I had two months of free time ahead of me so I decided to write my cozy. I wrote for five or six hours every day and still do that during the summer and vacations. When I am writing, the time flies by. During the school year, I write most evenings after dinner, stopping in time to watch Jeopardy with my husband.

I live in South Florida because that is where my husband and I were both able to find jobs. We moved here in 1988. Shortly after moving here, my husband was offered a job playing with the Mexico City Philharmonic, so we packed up and lived abroad for five years. I had the best job of my career working as a music teacher at the American School in Mexico City; however, there’s no place like home. It’s the little things you miss – having the paper delivered every day, Lean Cuisines, browsing the aisles of Target…

When I’m not writing or working, I enjoy running, shopping with my sixteen year old daughter on Sunday afternoons and stopping at Dairy Queen afterwards, attending theater productions, and spending time with my husband and four children. I love animals, and have a little white dog as well as two cats. I’m not crazy about birds though. I have an ongoing feud with a mockingbird who has decided to make a nest along my favorite running route. My youngest daughter and I are both vegetarians. My oldest daughter got married last year. Like my sleuth, Susan Wiles, I am really looking forward to being a Grandma someday! My books can be purchased in paperback or from Kindle on They are also available through the Cozy Cat Website, and I’ve just started writing book number three, and have plans for several more in the Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery series.

Good luck with your series, Diane. On second thought, I doubt you will need luck with all that talent and drive. Thank you for sharing your work and your life with us. Happy writing!

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  1. Hi Diane, nice to get to know you! Hope you have much success with your new book.