Saturday, July 26, 2014

Heather's Artifactorie.....Joyce Oroz

Today I want you to meet Heather Shannon, a local artist and member of the Aromas Hills Artisans. She is a person who must create to live and she inspires others to be creative. Actually, she takes expression to a new level, a company called Artifactorie-- imagined, inspired and brought to life by Heather Shannon. She has pulled together a kaleidoscope of local artwork and nature inspired creations. There's always something new at the Artifactorie! 

Here is Heather: Natural Sustainable Magical. Imagine a showplace of sustainable gifts and unique artwork, handmade by local artists, in an enchanting store ... the Artifactorie.

This place is different! There are glistening crystals in every color, geological wonders that will energize you, strengthen and protect you. There are dream pillows that sweeten your dreams, sparkling terrariums and even tiny gardens, planted in heirloom silver and driftwood, beautiful reminders from the natural world.
There are colorfully woven sashes, felted garments that are botanically printed with the natural dyes from tree leaves, and up-cycled bags made from sustainable materials. You'll see mobiles of driftwood and gemstone beads dancing in the breeze, organic cotton tees with beautiful original designs and whimsical stained glass, sparkling in the sun.
Along with all the beautiful, natural gifts, we'll have fun,
educational materials about the local flora, fauna and geology, maps to the best hikes around and tips on how to be mindful in nature.
Through our art we tell a story. Through our story a thread of sustainability is woven. We will share our love and passion for art through talks, demonstrations and workshops. We will share our love for our environment and our ideas for a more sustainable future.
Through my connections with local artists whom I've come to know personally, I have collected an enchanting inventory for the Artifactorie.
Each featured artist will have their artwork on display for two months, will have a presence on the Artifactorie website with links to their personal sites. Artists will be heavily promoted through local print, radio and social media.

A featured artist will be at the Artifactorie to meet and greet the public in person where a larger body of their work will be displayed on the third Saturday of the month. We'll have a Q&A with artists and just maybe they'll reveal a secret to their process.
By cycling through an array of artists and mediums, there will always be something new to discover at the Artifactorie. If you find an artist who's work you admire, you can keep track of them through the Artifactorie website.
There's always a story to be heard, a warm smile and a sense of real community at the Artifactorie. Come and see!
By supporting local artists and businesses, we help keep our local economy strong. Through supporting one another, we are truly blessed.

With my unique background in retail, interior and graphic design, I have developed an idea that is perfect for my career and life skills.
Carmel is one of the most visited, affluent and most charming little cities in the world. It is well known for its galleries featuring world renowned artists, natural beauty and story book cottages. The Artifactorie is much more than a store. It is a wonderful community of creative individuals where art and nature are celebrated and revered.
I have confidence in my abilities and that of Team Artifactorie to overcome any challenges. Thank you Team Artifactorie -- Kazia Pennino, Candice Covello, Edmund Moody, Marilou Moschetti, Linda Bjornson, Bridget Geist, Trudy Harrington Karl, Sarah Moody, Annie MacHale and Rachel Moody! You're the best support a girl could ask for!

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