Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Chadwick Hit......by Joyce Oroz

Little Mermaid the Aqua Terrestrial by Janinne Chadwick An original rock musical at the Little People’s Repertory Theater in Ben Lomond, California.

Sunday Matinee was a hoot. For the fifth year in a row I suffered through sore ribs and sore throat from laughing too much. Never mind the tears running down my pant leg. Janinne writes a new cleverly original play each year for players eight to fourteen years old. Ever try to herd seventy something children into doing a fabulous musical with 26 songs in it? For the people putting together the wonderful plays—it’s child’s play—so to speak. They are professional and so is the production with fabulous sets, costumes and lighting by Avery Laurin. Had to throw that in—did I tell you that six of my family members are heavily involved in the play? Myles plays President Neptune and Grace is an anchovy.

The story includes several Beach Boys songs, takes place at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk—above and below the water. If you are over forty you will catch the jokes and laugh till you hurt. The words to the songs have been changed to fit a story-line that is off-the-charts wild and funny. The story includes landlubbers, surfers, sea creatures such as anchovies, sharks and mermaids. Oh, and the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Men in Black and the Paparazi. If you plan to go—get ready for some good giggles! 

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