Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Voila Joyce Oroz

Today I want to tell you about the “voila button.” It is the most used in my collection of buttons. My “easy button” is on the blink and my “try it button” doesn’t always work so I typically resort to my “voila button.” Some people mistake a “magic button” for a classic “voila.” The difference is magic happens when we are unaware, not looking or not expecting. It is similar to the “miracle button,” which happens when the planets and rainbows line-up, and when we really need it.

Voila happens when we go to a lot of work and preparation to make something happen. If the item, meal or project is successful and looking good we say, “voila,” in a light-hearted tone as if it was so easy to accomplish. Even if the project isn’t as good as you hoped, the voila button makes it look good.

Barbara Scoles, Shirley Sedgwick, 
Julie Seedorf and Vanessa and Marcos 
have many accomplishements and 
"voila" moments.

Pull the bunny out of the hat and voila! Are we back to magic?

My point is, buttons are fun, like the “smile button,” the “teasing button” and the “giggle button.” But if you 
have a chance to use the
 “voila button” you will look really cool like Marcos showing us the cookies he decorated.


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  1. Thanks for including me. I love your blog, not because you included me but I suspect our creative minds a lot alike. I hope we get to meet someday in person. I always enjoy your blog.