Monday, May 26, 2014

Larkspur in May........Joyce Riley

Today I am going through my cousin Joyce's book of poems AGAIN. At the beginning of each chapter Joyce gives us a little story--a glimpse into her life, her past, her family. I want to share this one with you.

Seeds of Joy, by Joyce Riley
I wasn't an unhappy child, nor was I a joyful child. I was serious, overly sensitive and hot tempered. My sister Frances, who was ten and a half years older than I, was often wounded by my thorny disposition. But we loved each other, complimented each other and grew to be the best of friends. I think of the two of us as the 'lovely lily' and the 'wild rose' in the family garden.
      While my sister, who had spent much of her early childhood chasing chipmunks around the family's tent home in Yosemite National Park, was growing into adulthood I was wading irrigation ditches in my father's garden.

      Daddy was a baker by trade, but a farmer at heart. Working the swing shift at the Dandy Pies Bakery suited him well. He'd work at the bakery from 6 P.M. to 2 A.M. and in his garden from noon until 4 P.M. I was his Saturday helper. we planted and harvested beans, carrots and corn, and picked fruit. Eggs were carefully gathered, seeds soaked and weeds were faithfully pulled. "You get what you plant," Daddy would say. He never joined us at church on Sundays. "The garden is my church," he said.
      Mother loved flowers. In the spring of the year she planted beds of larkspur timed to bloom at the end of May. Memorial Day. Together we would cut and bundle the flowers to give to people who wanted bouquets for grave sites. Daddy found joy in planting, and Mother found joy in giving.

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