Saturday, May 3, 2014

If it smells like a rose ........Joyce Oroz

If my blog was smart like Facebook, it would ask me, “What is on your mind today?”
   “Are you kidding me?” I would answer. “Do you know how many people are starving in Africa? Do you know how many errands I need to run? Do you know that my needy-garden needs me even more now that I can’t give it as much water? Did you know that we in California are in a drought?”
At that point I would do a few deep breaths and a yoga stretch, poor cold water over my head and then finish my rant.
“When my house is clean, my book is finished and my calendar is empty I will get back to you.” 
But in real life I would never say that because those realities are too far into the future. And in real life, I put my blog ahead of all that other stuff. 

This is where I have a chance to tell you important things like, Sandy thinks she’s a fox—fox terrier, that is. The ears are a little tight, but they keep her
from embarrassing herself by stepping out of the house to chase a cat. Although, in this costume, Sandy might actually catch up to the cat as it rolls around laughing and holding it's tummy.

Recently I visited the rose garden
 at the fairgrounds where my
 friend, Tomi feeds and trims
 these lovely rose bushes. My camera went shutter-crazy 
over so much color. 
Everything was blooming
 at once! Even my garden
 has pretty roses gulping up 
the sunshine. 
Today, Saturday, is a great day to drop by Alladin's Nursery in Coralitos to see a fabulous display by the rose garden club. Food, fun and more roses than you can imagine! 12:30 to 4:30

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