Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Portrait by Kati........Joyce Oroz

Yesterday and today I found myself where I never ever expected to be--at the other end of a paint brush. My friend, Kati, whom you all met last week on my blog, has been painting my portrait. I have painted a few portraits myself, but never as wonderful as Kati's paintings. She had me sit twenty minutes at a time, break for ten minutes, and then back to the chair. After a total of eight twenty-minute sessions in two days, the picture was finished. There I was staring back at myself--yes, she really captured me. Amazing! 

To see the potrait painting you must drop in at the meet and greet this coming Saturday at the Dragonfly Gallery 380 Blohm Ave., Aromas from 2:00 to 4:00. There will be refreshments and good conversation. I know you will want to support Kati's love of painting. See you there!

Kati and I operate on different planets. Her studio is well thought out and supplied with everything she needs, easel, open windows, good lighting, cushioned floor pads to stand on, extra large palette, fine assortment of brushes, everything in it's place. 
You might remember the bat cave? My crude excuse for a studio--although it did serve the purpose when AHA painters created their murals. 
My writing studio has heat, light, a computer and sticky notes posted on anything that doesn't move. Even the sticky notes have sticky notes on them. I am knee-deep in notes, wondering which ones came first, which ones are important. I bounce from my unfinished latest novel to my blog to email to whatever distraction comes along. But that's what being retired is all about. The ability to choose to do everything or nothing with no major consequences.


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