Friday, April 25, 2014

Author David M. Selcer..........Joyce Oroz

1 Today I want to introduce David M. Selcer, author of several wonderful cozy mysteries published by Cozy Cat Press. Like most authors, David writes what he knows--how to be a lawyer because he is one. What better place to pick up great stories? His protagonist is an interesting fellow:
Winston Barquist III, a former big time corporate attorney who narrowly escaped disbarment, is now a 300 pound, moped-riding lawyer, turning his life around with a new girlfriend and a re-invented career as a sole practitioner in a flea-bag office above a Dairy Mart. Mostly, his cases consist of defending small-time hoods and negotiating simple divorces.

David, who or what made you want to write fiction?

IIn my previous life as a lawyer, I used to write a lot of appellate briefs. Once, while doing the fact statement for one of them, I realized the facts I was stating would make a great story. So I tried my hand at fictionalizing them—not to the court, of course.

What do you like about writing and what is a pain?

 I like making crazy things that come out of my head from nowhere into seemingly realistic situations that ultimately form a logical story. I also love taking historical things that actually happened and super-imposing fictional stories over them. I don’t like editing.
 I’ve been writing for over 45 years, 35 as a lawyer, about 12 as an author, and 8 years as a Federal Agency Decision writer.

 Is your protagonist like you--any similar traits?

 My protagonist, Winston Barchrist III, in the Buckeye Barrister Mystery Series, is not at all like me, except that he is a lawyer—but he’s a failed lawyer, massively overweight, cursed with bad luck, and he has low self-esteem. Yet, he manages to make good in some very exciting situations in spite of everything.

 What is the most exciting thing that has happened in your life or career?
 My most exciting adventures were trips to the middle east and to the former Soviet Union. It was also a blast as a lawyer handling labor relations disputes between tough unions (Teamsters & Mine workers) and tough employers (coal companies and steel companies).

David, where can we find your books?

 You can find my books on Amazon, on Kindle, at Barnes &Noble (under Cozy Cat Press), through organizations like the Ohioanna Library Association and on Nook. 

   Thank you, David for taking the time to answer questions--letting us know you better. Happy writing!


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