Sunday, April 13, 2014

Missing Joyce Oroz

Today I want to tell you some things I know—that I am certain of. A longer article would be the things I don’t know, but you would tire after the first three miles of the list. I hope my list of semi-useful and strange-looking at first stuff might help someone.

1.     I know that when I smile at a stranger, I usually get a smile back. However, I do not smile at old men wearing raincoats. One needs to use caution. I put the smiles in my memory cells and reuse them for warmth as needed.
2.     I know that writing a journal for the last 13 years has helped me to look like I have a better memory than I actually have. I can find things in it like when the warranty on my vacuum has expired because I wrote down the date I bought it. I keep track of medicines, events, emotions and a million other things—one paragraph every night.
3.     I know that my dog is smarter than I am in many ways. Just because she doesn't speak English doesn’t mean she can’t tell time, like breakfast time and dinner time.
4.     I know that there are good things for my skin in the fridge like mayonnaise and yogurt. Sometimes I eat them, but religiously I use them on my skin. Whole-fat Greek yogurt and plain old mayo. My dog thinks my face smells great.
5.     I know that cherries, cherry pills, dried cherries, frozen cherries, pickled cherries—all kinds of cherries counter my over-active uric acid condition—better known as gouty arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, try eating cherries. What have you got to lose? Your arthritis of course. I take a cherry pill twice a day everyday and feel wonderful!
6.     I know that writing is just like painting, but without the mess.

7.      I know that the internet and Facebook are good things despite what the critics say. I have reconnected with old friends and found new ones. One new friend was Lyla Fox, a mystery writer whose books were published by my publisher, Cozy Cat Press. She friended me on Facebook and I always looked forward to her comments and writings. I think we would have been great friends if we had ever met off-line. Lyla recently passed away and so many people will miss her. I think she would love people to donate to Breast Cancer Research. May she rest in peace.

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