Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Then and Now........Joyce Oroz

Just like Christmas with its tinseled trees and bedecked halls, the trappings of Easter only add to the joyful feelings of the resurrection. 

Today I will focus on the light (no pun intended) parts of Easter—the fluff, as it were. From the early, early days, before TV and I pads, my brother, sister and I expected the big bunny to drop off some hard boiled eggs once a year.  Year after year he never made it to the kitchen with the eggs—always dropping them in the grass. We were thrilled. I didn’t like hardboiled eggs that much, but pink, yellow and purple ones coming from the big bunny were special, so we stuffed down as many as possible.
Fast forward many years--I remember one Easter when my cousin John, same age as my oldest child, went to church with us, then home for a rainy day egg hunt in the house. Four little munchkins scouring the house for the hardboiled eggs AND chocolate bunnies. Some chocolate bunnies were never found—just puddles of sticky where someone didn’t find them.

One Easter we left sunny California and drove to Colorado the hard way, in a 1970 VW bus with three children. That was the easy part. Even though it was Easter week there was a blizzard happening as we crossed the mountains between Utah and Colorado. Total whiteout! But the good parts were so good. We visited relatives who lived on a farm. Their cat had just given birth to a passel of kittens. They had all died before we arrived, except for one which my oldest child latched onto, kept warm and bottle fed. It’s the little things that bring Easter closer to us.

These days are more fun than ever as we prepare the next egg hunt for our many grandchildren. Did I say egg? Actually, some of the goodies are shaped like eggs. 
Happy Easter everyone!

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