Sunday, February 23, 2014

Violet meets Spike........Joyce Oroz

I woke up this morning with the realization that my friends are up to their eyeballs with anxiety over Sweet Baby Violet. Did she survive under such dire circumstances? After all, she arrived during the coldest, driest winter since George met Martha. After three months of living under a garbage sack every night, who knew she would thrive? Now she is sending out lovely leaves and looking radiant except for a few bug-bite flesh wounds. Baby Violet is a survivor all right. She's a slip from her mom in Morgan Hill who's a slip from her mom from my garden in Santa Cruz--long ago, before Bono met Sher.

But my friends, the excitement isn't over yet. Spike has arrived, via a chunk of celery I would normally throw into the worm bin. Just the thought of Spike in the worm bin breaks my heart. I put the last two inches of a celery stalk (un-named) in a small dish and added water. Young Spike had a nice southwestern exposure on the windowsill. The celery butt grew a little each day, adding more and more thin white legs on the bottom and greenery on the top. This is Spike's one month birthday and to celebrate, he went out and got potted. Now he lives outside under a garbage sack at night. Stay tuned.

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