Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Book by Joyce Riley........Joyce Oroz

Today I want to talk about my cousin, Joyce Riley and her new book of poems, "Color This Day Beautiful."
Joyce is the youngest adult person I know--for her age. She never ages, but she does keep growing--spiritually. This wonderful great-grandmother, grand lady, youthful person has always and still does write a poem a day. Her uplifting words will make you smile--give you hope. I love to talk to her on the phone or in person because she never expresses negative thoughts, just a beautiful, thankful outlook on life. Her family--my cousins, inherited a grateful attitude, not to mention gorgeous red hair. Read all about it in "Color This Day Beautiful." Available at Amazon.

This book of poems and affirmations is a lot like a box of mixed candies. There's something for everyone. Unlike the candy box, this box will still be full when you finish. Here's an excerpt: 

Color this day beautiful. 
Don't leave it black and white. 
Let your smile be a rainbow, 
which fills each day with light. 
Let your thoughts outline the picture. With words, fill it in. 
Color this day beautiful. 
Think love and then begin.....

Three cheers for Joyce's husband, Jack, who was the persistent motor that helped to make this wonderful book happen!

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