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The Rudest Rosalinda Randall

January 2014 Newsletter
By Rosalinda Randall, Etiquette Specialist
The Rudest Things

If I asked you for a list of the "rudest things people do," what would you include?

What would I include? Why, thank you for asking:
  1. Inconsideration (a.k.a. narcissism): Please, do what you need to do; we'll all wait until you decide what your next move is.
  2. Loud cell phone talkers: Unless I'm invited into your conversation, please keep it to yourself.
  3. Lack of using the basics: Please, thank you, you're welcome, pardon me, excuse me, and I'm sorry.

I conducted an informal survey asking children what they considered "rude things people do". These are a few on their list:
  • Passes gas in public/out loud. (this was repeated by many)
  • Burps but does not say excuse me.
  • Sleeps a lot when people do presentations.
  • Starts bragging out loud.
  • Gives a wedgie.
  • Runs a red light.
  • Fights.
  • Is bored when someone is talking.
  • Litters.
  • Gets drunk and has it affect others in a rude way.
  • Calls people names.
  • Slams doors.
  • Says very bad words.
  • Reaches into other people's property.
Are these things, or a variation of, demonstrated in your workplace? Not the "wedgie", I hope.

These and many other gestures, words, or actions in the workplace can elevate the level of stress and general grumpiness, which can negatively affect the atmosphere, which can bring down productivity. And then, you take that vibe home with you.

If you consider each one of the above infractions individually, it can be overlooked as someone just having a bad day. However, if it is an ongoing habit or trait in a co-worker, it will begin to negatively affect the relationship. What can you do?
  • Avoid them.
  • Privately speak to HR.
  • Privately speak with them, approaching it as a "concerned co-worker."
  • Hire me to deliver a presentation on tact and civility in the workplace.
  • Accept and ignore. (try not to let them see you roll your eyes)
May tact, respect, consideration, patience, and humor be with you as you interact with the temperamental co-worker.

Please take a moment to read my latest blog post by clicking on the guy in the blue shirt (upper right). Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Rosalinda Oropeza Randall
_____Etiquette is an attitude.
Rosalinda Randall is an Societal Etiquette and Civility Consultant and Author, focusing on communication styles and enhancing reputations. Her California based company is Your Relationship Edge. She provides on-site workshops for sales teams, front office staff, new hires, from-home-to-work staff, managers, high school and college students. She brings a modern attitude and humor to the age-old topic of etiquette. 650.871.6200

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