Saturday, November 15, 2014

Look up, It's a Bird........Joyce Oroz

Opps, forgot the "before" picture. I decided to add a blue bird to my kitchen cabinet. Thank you, Barbara for cutting the wood I painted.
The bird is a decoy--bright blue feathers engineered to make us look up. Looking up is an instant face-lift for body and mind. Here is an example: I purposely crank my chair into the short position so that I look up to my computer screen. Looking up to my left I see a row of books beginning with The Crafter's Book of Clever Ideas by Currie, ending with Creating a Personal Rose Garden by Truskot.
When I look up to my right I blink at the light coming through the basement window.
When you work in your pajamas in the basement, everything is up--upstairs.
Now put your arms up and do the hokey pokey. If you don't know about the hokey pokey, you need to read my new book, Roller Rubout.

See how it works? Look up and be happy!
Look up, follow that star, follow that dream.
Someone to look up to--Grandma at 102

by Joyce Riley
Grace is not a treasure to be sought,
Nor is grace a lesson to be taught.
Never bound by circumstance or place,
“Love in action,” is a synonym for grace.
When I let go and welcome Love’s embrace
I am in a consciousness of grace.

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