Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dorothy at Work......Joyce Oroz

A couple years ago I wrote about my mom. Dorothy is special in many ways, but her book donations are the subject of this blog.

Mom is still making picture books for children out of discarded magazines and calendars, and sending the books to children’s hospitals all over Arizona, California and Oregon, including St. Vincent de Paul and El Zaribah Shrine. She has mailed away over four thousand books and there are no signs that she will stop her project any time soon. She is as sharp as her scissors, immersed in her work and full of joy as she reads the many thank you letters. 
You might ask why, at age 91, she works so hard. My mother comes from a generation that lived through World War Two, a time when everyone worked at something. They knew how to recycle rubber and metal, how to ration their food, how to skimp and save on everything. When people ban together over a purpose, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. 
Mom’s friends and neighbors continue to help her with materials, transportation and postage.

 Dorothy's collage place mats can be purchased at the Dragonfly Gallery in Aromas. The gallery is another community project worth our support.

Please drop in on Fridays. That is when I exchange pajamas for street clothes and sit at the Dragonfly desk.

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