Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Sandy Saga........by Joyce Oroz

My blog is eclectic--whatever that means. I think it means I can share with you a variety of ideas, things, feelings and places. At the moment my mind has room for only one thing, remembrance with a dash of sorrow and piles of love. The stronger the love, the sharper the pain--the pain of loss, of never seeing that wagging yellow tail again. No more big brown eyes weaseling food from my plate. No more dog hair stuffing the vacuum to capacity. No more trails of drool-spots on the wood floor. No more protection from the neighbor's cats. No more walks with more sniffing than walking.

The memories will comfort us for years to come. But today's feelings are still raw, hurting.

She was 14 and deserved a rest.
Rest in peace, Sandy. 

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