Friday, August 29, 2014

Sierra Azul Joyce Oroz

Don't you just love three dimensional art--smooth surfaces--crazy color--shiny steel--weathered wood--rusty relics--tinted totems--a blast from the past and features from the future. It's all there, along the garden path at Sierra Azul in Watsonville. 

totem, totems everywhere!

 Steel kites fly the skies forever

Bigfoot Gorilla paw

A star fish camping out on a faucet?

Ever see an orange bird the side of a St. Bernard? You can see it all and more at Sierra Azul Nursery.
135 sculptures are exhibited in the beautiful 2 acre 

mediterranean gardens of Sierra Azul Nursery in 

Watsonville.  The 6th annual outdoor sculpture exhibit 

features work by 56 artists from as far north as Humboldt 

County and as far south as San Luis Obispo. Medias range 

from steel, wood and ceramics, to bronze, glass and 

concrete. Admission and parking are free. 
Sculpture IS 2011 at Sierra Azul runs from May 31 - October 31
Open Daily: 9-5:30pm
2660 East Lake Avenue, Watsonville
(Highway 152, across from the Fairgrounds

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