Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chickens in the box?........Joyce Oroz

       If you don't know the way to San Jose or Aromas, I apologize. This time of year it's all about that cute little town in the hills outside of Watsonville, and that's because it's getting close to the Aromas Day
celebration. The streets become flooded with people looking for a fun time. They don't have to look very far because the food, art and information booths are everywhere. The parade is a hoot and there will be live music all day. And when you have seen and done all that, head down to the Dragonfly Gallery for a cold drink and some lovely artwork. I'll be there signing my books from 12:00 to 4:00 and Giselle will be signing her book, A Dark Sky and Grace will make jewelry just the way you tell her to. It's all for fun and fun for all!

      Aromas is making a name for itself again. Yes, the little town boasts seven murals, one of them brand spanking new this week. Everyone knows the place is thick with artists of all types. So what’s new? Did you know that for every five artisans there is a writer. There are authors of everything from magazine articles to children’s books, mysteries, fantasy, history, fiction, philosophy, nonfiction and newspaper articles.
      The Dragonfly Gallery at 380 Blohm Ave. in down town Aromas sells books by local authors like Giselle Rocha, Pat Hanson, Joyce Oroz, Nanci Jarvice, Rose Ann Woolpert, Arthur Oroz, Jewel Auvinen and many more.

      Aromas Day is Sunday, August 24th. The Aromas Hills Artisans will be displaying and selling their artwork in the park. There will be a writer’s table where you can meet various authors like Debra Smith and others.
      The Dragonfly Gallery will be open Sunday, August 24th and authors Giselle Rocha and Joyce Oroz will be signing copies of their latest books. Grace Laurin will be making custom earrings—you chose the beads, she puts it all together for you.
      Aromas welcomes you to her celebration, her parade, her murals, her artists and her writers. Join the fun and be inspired!

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