Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Spring in Your Step........Joyce

Today I'm thinking about spring because it's almost here. Already the days are sunny and warm and I wish I could share our left coast weather with east coast people looking for a break in the cold and wet. 

 another winter so mild
 another tax form filed
 another Saint Patties fling
 another lovely spring
 another hill to climb
 another clock to chime
another clock on the wall
doesn't work atall
the tick tock's stuck
yet time runs a muck
soon it will be summer
followed by fall 

I never said I was a poet. I leave that to my cousin, Joyce Riley.

Here is a special poem for spring.

When Sowing

Every thought which comes to mind,
takes root and sprouts,
each thought in it's own kind.
If your garden of experience
seems pale or choked with weeds,
choose thoughts and words more carefully,
and plant some loving seeds.

Joyce Riley's wonderful book of poems, "Color This Day Beautiful" is on sale from Amazon.

Happy spring dear friends.
May the spring in your step never rust!

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