Sunday, March 2, 2014

Artist of the Month, Steven Snyder......Joyce Oroz

Capitola Village by Steven Snyder
Today I want to tell you about a well-known photographer on the Central Coast. Steven Snyder is the Dragonfly Gallery Artist of the Month for March. He is a valued, long-time member of the Aromas Hills Artisans. I can't wait to show you some of his pictures--and yes they are worth at least a thousand words. Steven has been selling his photographs at the gallery for the last three years. If you have never been to the Dragonfly Gallery, 380 Blohm Ave., Aromas, here is your chance to drink in some of his beautiful nature scenes. They are usually printed on large and extra large canvases.

His range of colorful photos runs from sunsets over the Pacific Ocean to Half Dome to cityscapes to micro-looks at slices of rock. I recently asked Steven about his photography.

Steven, how did you discover photography and how long have you been working at it? 
  Grandpa gave me a 120 camera, film and B&W developing kit back in 1966.  I fiddled a bit with it, but could not afford film and chemicals to pursue it, because all my money was going toward my first car. Fast forward to 1984 when I bought a 1 hour photo lab for one of my video stores. My first child was just born and my Canon AE1 got quite a workout. 1990's I was scanning photos to edit and store on my computer, 1997 bought my first digital camera.  My learning curve was pretty flat before then. 2004 I bought a 44" printer, to make big canvas prints for our house.

 Please tell us about your favorite subjects and some of your techniques. 
Landscapes, usually involving color and water. Sharp, contrasty, wide angle lenses and searching for the best light.

 Where do you live and why?  
Aromas, because I worked at Moss Landing.  Turned out to be a great area for wonderful nearby landscape photography.

Steven, what is the most exciting thing that has happened to you or that you have done? 
Watching my children being born.

   What do you like to do when you are not taking pictures? 
Spending time with my wife, traveling, watching the latest movies.

  How can we find your photographs? Website, galleries etc. ;, Framer's Corner frame shop in Prunedale, my home studio (by appointment) and of coarse the Dragonfly Gallery.

 Thank you, Steven Snyder for sharing 
your work and your personal life with us today. 

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