Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pat's Easter Joyce Oroz

Because I am the CEO (Creatively Elected Organizer) of my blog, I can talk about whatever sits on my tired squishy brain. Today I am still thinking about my friend's fabulous Easter display. The pictures I am about to show you speak of untold hours of hard work and unbound creativity. 

Pat Tharp has been building and sharing her famous Christmas scenes for decades. Now she has moved into the second year of her Easter motif. She shaped clay into over a hundred carrots for her miniature vegetable garden, just one tiny example of her ingenuity. 

She has expertly painted dozens of birdhouses, adding actual miniature balconies and pillars and such. She also uses many ceramic houses, bridges, etc. which she painted.

It is curious to me that Pat had a long career building elaborate landscapes on a large, real-life, scale for her clients, but these days she is able to create tiny villages for her beautiful Christmas and Easter scenes. 

She generously invites friends and neighbors to her house to view her amazing handy work. I can only say so much--the pictures will tell you the rest. 

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