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Rosalinda and Keeping It Spicy.........Joyce Oroz

Today I am exposing my readers to an actual etiquette specialist and wonderful lady.

Rosalinda’s Blog | Spicy Friday

P1000433Keeping It Spicy, Or At Least, Interesting.

After so many years of marriage or long-term relationship, it can feel a bit humdrum or even apathetic. Some couples find comfort and security in that.
By the way, good for you if you are “both” content with a routine. That works well for many couples.  However, if one of the parties involved seeks a bit of adventure, and the other one doesn’t, you may have to make adjustments before you begin to “grow apart”.
Relationships do not grow apart overnight!  In most cases it is allowed to happen by both.  Take time to talk about trying new things, your vision for the next five years, and how you can do some of them together.
Don’t become stodgy and disinterested in life.  You owe it to your partner to maintain a joie de vivre.  Who did you marry or commit to?  If “it” has slipped away due to time together or the struggles of life, find a way to reintroduce a little of “what was”.
Catch it now, before it is too late.
Doing it with suavity:  If you’ve stopped being civil to one another, simply change the way you speak to one another.  Sit outside for dinner.  Put on music from your era.  It can be awkward initially, but don’t stop.  You can’t rekindle if you don’t keep striking the match!  “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” Enjoy.
___Etiquette is an attitude.
Rosalinda Randall is an Etiquette and Civility Consultant.  She provides on-site workshops for your sales team, front office staff, new hires, exit package, managers, high school and colleges.  She brings a modern attitude and a little humor to the age-old topic of etiquette.  For more information, please visit her website, Your Relationship Edge.  650.871.6200
Photo source: me (my parents, celebrating 59 years of marriage)

Thank you Rosalinda!
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