Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jasmin's Yoga Class.......Joyce Oroz

Today was a hot day so I thought I would celebrate my hot flashes  in Watsonville--the Watsonville Hospital to be exact. No, the flashes were not life-threatening. As it turns out, I belong to a group of ladies who enjoy doing yoga exercises. We like to twist our limbs into knots in the name of good health. 

Twice a week we make our way through traffic, down to the hospital and stretch until we are ready to unravel or at least shout “uncle!” Sometimes we work from a sitting position, sometimes a teetering position. If a good breeze found it’s way to our exercise room we would all fall down in a tangled nightmare. 
Luckily there was no breeze and we finished our poses with dignity. As much dignity as one can have while rubbing a left ear with a right hand stretched over the crown of the head while standing on one foot. Balance is practiced with care. Depending on ability, some folks hold onto a chair, a wall or post. Others let go of everything and hope for the best. 

Jasmine is our den mother—I mean teacher. She watches over us and encourages us to try poses that are almost impossible to do by humans. Thank you, Jasmin, and happy birthday!!

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