Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Mural Season Joyce Oroz

A mural is coming to town, better not shout, better not cry. A mural is coming to Aromas, with your help. Actually twin murals are coming to the Old Fire House building this summer. If you like what the already-painted murals have done to perk up the town, AHA members hope you will help prepare the wood or paint something in the mural or donate money or loan out a cherry picker for a couple hours or just appreciate the artwork when it’s finished.

Our community is not getting bigger, it’s getting better. The people of Aromas are always working on their gardens, improving their homes and improving their sweet little town. Last summer over a dozen adults and children came together to give the library a new look. The mural reflects our love of reading and our appreciation of the beauty around us.
The new murals will show various aspects of the country life we all enjoy.

To support our efforts, please complete and return
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