Thursday, September 13, 2018

New Books

Hello, my name is Joyce Oroz and I'm writing my eleventh book in the Josephine Stuart Mystery series. In this book I'm talking about a Honda Civic with dark tinted windows, big exhaust pipes and it's painted mettalic purple. What is the modern slang for this car? If you can help with this question, please contact me at

thanks for listening!

New Books published in 2018

September--Annie Gets Her Bounce--children's book written and illustrated by Joyce Oroz

October--Hill Street Clues--a Josephine Stuart Mystery by Joyce Oroz

November--Muraling for Fun and Profit--written and illustrated by Joyce Oroz

Yes, I've been busy. Now I have three more books I'm working on. 
I accidentally found out that I love to multi-task--at least when writing and painting. I loved skipping back and forth from writing to illustration to writing and back to painting.