Saturday, August 22, 2015

Joyce Riley is Right.........Joyce Oroz

I finished my book--that's a good feeling. I feel like starting another book--that's a bad thing. I finished a painting--that's a good feeling. I'd like to start another painting. But instead I will take some time off.
The following poem by Joyce Riley expresses my feelings very well.

A New Page

I turned the pages, scene by scene
and filled the spaces in between.

"Grocery shop", "Clean and mop"
"An appointment and a meeting"
"Garden day, Bills to pay"
"Time to change the sheeting"

Some days I raced, pursuing youth.
I even wrote down, "pray for truth"

On any day the world could view
long lists of things I had to do.

That calendar has now been cast
into a closet called, "the past"

A new one bids me, "Start again"
"Be sure to write down where and when"

I fear to think what life would be
without those pages guiding me.

Still, I wonder, "If I leave bare
"One day here and one day there

"Would it make much difference when
"A new year comes around again?"

I think it might just suit me well
to plan on nothing for a spell.

To wake and rise just when I like.
To throw on clothes and take a hike

Or tuck myself into a nook
and read an uninstructive book

To be, not aimless but loose and free.
I think I'll schedule that day for me.

by Joyce Riley

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