Monday, December 1, 2014

Meet Barbara Joyce Oroz

To know Barbara is to love her Santas. No wonder Barbara Scoles is the ARTIST OF THE MONTH for December at the Dragonfly Gallery. She is an active Aromas Hills Artisan member, and a real professional when it comes to slicing and dicing big blocks of wood, ultimately revealing the beautiful smiling Santa hidden inside each block.

If you would like to meet Barbara and see the actual carving process, please plan to attend the “meet and greet” at the Dragonfly Gallery, Saturday, December 13th, 2:00 to 4:00 pm. at 380 Blohm Ave., Aromas. Enjoy refreshments and conversation while Barbara demonstrates her carving techniques.
Her Santas are very popular, but it’s what she adds to her Santas that make them personal—such as a bear, a bird, a kitty or a pup. Ever see a Panamanian Santa in traditional dress—comes with a parrot. How about a Santa with five adorable panda bears? My personal Santa comes with a Mama bunny and her baby bunny, the perfect decoration for my two favorite holidays. Like so many people, I keep my Santa in a prominent location all year, every year.

Barbara says that the hardest part of her job is including all the things and creatures her clients request. She perseveres until her Santa passes the strictest client test–until the client falls in love with Santa.

Twenty years ago Barbara began formal carving lessons. She had carved wood most of her life, and also worked at creating custom clothing. When she decided to get serious and take lessons, she was able to develop her own unique Santas and her own carving style. Her Santas have full wavy beards and laughing eyes. Their robes, hats and costumes vary. No two Santas are alike.

Scoles carvings are known for their “wood-look.” She paints the wood with rich color but typically leaves parts of the piece unpainted, letting the wood add it’s richness to the creation. She uses gold-leaf to accent some pieces. And not all Santas wear regulation red coats.

The most fun happens when Barbara adds special details to her Santas, such as animals, birds, flowers, even landscapes and seascapes.
Robert always says my carving is like opening a present, I remove all the wood and find a wonderful Santa inside.

See you at the Dragonfly Gallery Saturday, December 13th 2:00 to 4:00

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