Sunday, February 1, 2015

May Your Team Joyce Oroz

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, a day packed with goodies for everyone. Obviously many people find excitement and enjoyment attending the game or watching it on a screen somewhere, usually at a chips and beer party. Just the build-up and chatter about the coming game interests a great number of people, especially when there is a scandal involved. This year we have a first rate scandal/mystery to keep our interest going right up to game-time. Who let the air out of eleven footballs? 

Who cares? The 49rs aren’t playing this year, so why worry? As it happens, this is a perfect day for shopping, walking, gardening, riding a giant turtle, surfing and sailing. But “talk is cheep,” I say, as I sit here in my pajamas tapping out a blog. 

Please excuse me, it’s almost game time. Time to climb the stairs, turn on the TV, bring out the beer and serve up my favorite chips and dips dish.
I hope your favorite team wins!

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