Friday, February 13, 2015

Book Club Revelations ............Joyce Oroz

In the past I have bragged about the wonderful # one book club I belong to, the very best food, friends and even books! Well, unbeknownst to me, others have great book clubs too. I was invited to attend one session of Gertie’s book club at her lovely home in Santa Cruz. I arrived early for a visit with my friend, and then six other ladies arrived, Lana, Elaine, Kathy, Cat, Carol and Joanne.

After a beautiful spread of finger foods, an accidental wine-spill and lots of chit-chat and giggles, we settled down for some book-talk. No real books, just ebooks and they were all mine! Each person had read a different one of my books in the Josephine Stuart Mystery Series.

The ladies wanted to know if Josephine and I are alike.

Answer: Josephine is younger, quicker, stronger and drives like a crazy woman when she’s chasing the bad guys.

I, on the other hand, am shorter, older, lazier and drive like a crazy woman when I’m running late.

How did your grandson accomplish the flip flops photo for the cover of Shaking In Her Flip Flips?

Answer: I drove Avery to the Santa Cruz Wharf. He was eleven years old and equipped with a fabulous camera he inherited from his other grandma, and a fishing pole. I supplied the flip flops. He tied the shoes to the end of the line and I cast them into the ocean over and over as he snapped shot after shot until we finally had some very good pictures. He also took the cover pictures for Secure the Ranch and Read My Lipstick.

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