Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunny Monterey.......Joyce Oroz

This was a special weekend for me. I exchanged my pajamas for street clothes, tucked my computer into a gentle slumber, climbed the cob-webbed stairs to the first floor and blinked into the harsh morning light flooding the kitchen. My husband graciously escorted me to the Monterey wharf for a delicious sand dab lunch and walk-about. 

It just happened to be Columbus Day and many Monterey citizens of Italian heritage dressed the part, frolicking about the wharf and plaza, in costume, to the music of a Monterey High School Jazz Band. 

My senses were on over-load as I took in the sights--everything from a gaggle of seals sunning on a barge to sun worshiping pelicans to a bear posing for pictures with three coast guardsmen to a trailer of tipsy parrots pulled by an Italian native. 

I didn't see Pacman or Spiderman, but I'm sure they were somewhere in the crowd, sucking up the sunshine. 

Three blocks later, I looked for Nessi as we circled the lake. Maybe she joined the folks at the wharf for a crab cocktail or two.
                   Topside was great, I'll try it again sometime!

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