Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Club Highlights.......by Joyce Oroz

Last night was Book Club. Happens every month. Good thing, because some of us fall into a funk and need the club ladies to pull us out. It’s like falling into a dank dark hole in the ground where there is no chocolate, only barking dogs and shoes that hurt. 

Show up at book club, and nice people make you laugh, pull you out of the hole and feed you fabulous food until your buttons pop. And they talk about wonderful stories—books they read. They read books so that they can belong to the book club where they feast on organic, vegetarian, gluten-free foods that look and taste like real food. 

Why does it always come down to the quality of the food, not the books? The real quality is in the women who support each other with food, stories and love. And what is said at book club stays at book club!

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