Sunday, September 28, 2014

ABC's by Joyce Riley.........Joyce Oroz

Today is Sunday, a perfect day for inspirational poetry by my dear cousin, Joyce Riley. She knows and shares the ABC's of life.

By Joyce Riley
I Acknowledge, Accept and Appreciate the Astounding, Abounding

Blessings Before me. Beauty, Born of

Caring is Crystal Clear.

Denying the Darkness, I Dance with the

Energy and Essence of life.

Focused on the Flow, I Fearlessly Face my Freedom.

Gently I am Guided

Higher and Higher. Harmony

Infills me and Instills in me

Joy and Jubilation. May

Kindness, the Key, which

Lays the Light of Love before me, be

Magnified through me. I am

Nurtured and Nourished, Now.

Order and

Peace Prevail. I do not

Question but, Quietly,

Receive and Radiate

Strength. As Spirit

Tempers me, my Talents

Unfold. Let me not be

Vague or Vain, but let

Words of Wisdom Work through me, bringing me to

X, the unknown, “yet to be.”
Yes, oh Yes, I feel the

Zip, the Zest and the Zen of Zeal.

From A to Zed

I am loved; I am led.

For more wonderful poems, you can find Joyce's book
"Color This Day Beautiful"
on line at

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