Friday, December 18, 2015

A story by Carolyn Carnell........Joyce Oroz

During the holiday season, the cleverest thing one can do is reuse last years gift bags and last years gifts and gadgets in the name of saving money and the planet. Win, win. However, some things should never be stashed away in the first place, like the card I received from my friend Carolyn Carnell. Some things are so good they must be shared immediately. Carolyn is muti-multi talented in health and healing and so many other areas. And now she writes!
mural by Linda Bjornson

Greetings From Krampus

What does it mean? I hear a knock at the door, and opening it up I see it's Krampus, and invite him in for a cup of tea. Krampus enters, but isn't interested in a cup of tea. But I insist, and he obliges. Hmm...does this mean Krampus has a soft spot behind the scary facade of goat-like face with long spindly horns? He is three times my size and has a bit of a drool on the left side of his open mouth, making visible all his pointed teeth ready to gnaw into anything that perturbs him.
It seems possible that could even be me. Why else would he be here? We already know it's not for the tea, and while waiting for the water to boil, I learn Krampus is not into small talk. I ask, how's the weather been where you come from? The response (grunt) is a bit vague, if you ask me. I pour each of us a cup of tea and, feeling a bit anxious, I take a sip of Earl Grey, which has wonderful healing properties, with bergamot-orange, known for calming down the nervous system and uplifting one's spirits. I definitely could use that right now just like Krampus could use a pedicure for those unruly hoofs of his. I ask Krampus how he likes the tea. I get a disgruntled grunt - a not so subtle hint: Can we get back to matters at hand?
Yes, of course.
I sit face to face with this beast and after taking a deep breath I say, "Krampus, I've heard a lot about you, but this is the first time I've met you. Why have you come now?" The grunts and groans are coming at an alarming rate, raising and lowering in tone. But something else is happening as well. Somehow I am able to understand what it all means. It is all my aches and pains and feelings of frustration. As this realization hits my mind, Krampus begins getting smaller right in front of my very eyes. Could it be Krampus really me? He is shrinking even faster now, the more I understand and forgive myself. Krampus is now the size of a baby. I bend over and pick-up baby Krampus and hold him in my arms. I tell him I Love him and kiss him on the forehead. He playfully giggle-grunts and with a blink of an eye disappears completely, leaving only the tea cup behind as a reminder that in order to be free you just need to invite Krampus in for a cup of tea.

Thank you, Carolyn, and Merry Christmas
hand carved Santa by Barbara Scoles

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