Thursday, June 11, 2015

Viscosity in BC.......Joyce Oroz

                                             Scott Graham & Cristy Aloysi

of Viscosity Glass Studio, 

in Boulder Creek, CA. 

create an array of beautiful 

contemporary blown 

glass objects, 

from functional 

to fantastic.


Scott Graham & Cristy Aloysi, 
a husband & wife team, began their
glassblowing careers at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, NY, where they 
became fascinated with the ancient process of glassmaking. 
The challenge of forming beautiful handmade objects out of 
this molten material captivated them. While in New York they
 became involved in the city’s energetic art and design world 
and have brought this influence into their work. After Urban Glass, 
the couple went on to study at the Pilchuck Glass School in 
Stanwood, WA., Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in 
Deer Isle ME., Centro Studio Vetro in Venice, Italy and Pratt Fine 
Art Center in Seattle, WA. Scott and Cristy have taught 
glassblowing at Urban Glass, Snow Farm in Williamsburg, 
MA, Pratt Fine Art Center and at Maho Bay on St John in the
 US Virgin Islands. In 2002 Scott & Cristy moved to Seattle WA,
 the center of the American art glass movement, to create a line 
of contemporary glass objects for the home. Their goal was to 
create pieces that are unique in their clean lines and simple designs. 
After 11 years in Seattle the couple moved to Boulder Creek, CA. 
In the serene beauty of the redwoods they continue to design and 
original blown glass pieces. The beauty of Viscosity Glass is that 
no two are exactly the same. Each piece has been carefully shaped
 by the hands of the artists creating a uniqueness that cannot be 
imitated by any machine. Each piece of Viscosity glass is made 
to order and signed by the artists. When you purchase Viscosity 
glass you are supporting the 3000 year old tradition of glass making 
and the American art glass movement.

Christy and Scott

Learn the amazing art of 


Make Your Own Glass Bowl!
Sunday June 14th

In this mini workshop students will design and
form their own glass bowl with one-on-one
assistance from an experienced glassblower!
Sunday June 14th from 10am-3pm,
2 students per hour. Ages 6 and up
(children under 10 may need help from an adult).
To register call or e-mail 
Showroom in Boulder Creek

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