Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rock Stars Make Joyce Oroz

Does anyone know what the word, rock-star, means? I can think of two meanings and they both fit my friends, Gary and Barry, perfectly. They know their way around rock carving and they can rock you with their music. Gary has a wonderful voice and Barry plays a wicked guitar! These are muti-muti-talented guys. Their showroom at 32 East Main Street, Los Gatos proves my point. Gary and Barry design magnificent stone fireplace fronts, fountains, urns, hoods, gazebos, even a nine-hundred pound baseball. If you're looking for "the best" you must go to the best in the business, my friends, Gary and Barry. Here is their "Coming to America" story:

In the late 1980's we brought our craft to California and established Millbrook Stone in 1993. The name Millbrook gets its origins from a small cottage outside London where we, childhood friends Gary Edwards and Barry Tripp, learned the craft of stone carving. At the age of 15, we realized our tiny town offered limited career choices; we could either take an office job or work with our hands. We chose the latter and spent four years at the renowned masonry school Weymouth College where we earned our Advanced Craft, the highest possible designation. Upon leaving Weymouth, Barry began an apprenticeship with Ray Harvey - the owner of the company - and master masons George Greenham and Charlie Gibbs. Gary soon followed and we spent the next eight years under Greenham & Gibbs' tutelage, restoring some of England's grand churches, abbeys and castles.

Thank you Gary and Barry for contributing to the Quality of American life.
And God bless your beautiful families.

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