Monday, March 16, 2015

Roku Wahoo! Joyce Oroz

Oh the times we live in. As a mature oldster, I try to keep up with the times. Today hubby brought home a Roku. A purple blug-in.

“A what?” I say.

“A little purple plug-in for the TV,” he says, busily reading the box it came in.

“The TV needs this? What’s its name again?”

“Roku, that’s it, one name.” He’s reading the instruction pamphlet.

I guess I look puzzled. He tells me it will give us movies. He reads more instructions.

I leave the room, write two pages for my newest book, come back and find him reading instructions.

“What if we just plugged this in?” I say, holding up the little purple plug-in-box. 

I think about what Josephine would do in a case like this. Actually, she hasn’t come up against this little purple problem. She stays away from electronics, except when she dusts off the old computer to look at emails. Even her phone system is antiquated. No I-phone, I-pad, I-vac, I-car, I-plane….what next? I-vacation satellite?

Now he’s playing with the new remote that runs the Roku. Just what we need, nineteen remotes. Actually, I wouldn’t mind having one more remote if it cleaned house and cooked a good meal!

Gotta go. My I-hoot alarm went off.

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