Thursday, January 15, 2015

Weber and Gerber Perform..........Joyce Oroz

Some days I talk about me, me, me and some days I talk about You. Today I am passing on something You might want to do for fun and for the Aromas Grange, in Aromas of all places. The Grange committee rents out the building for receptions, meetings, classes and fundraisers. They allow the Aromas Hills Artisans, Eagles and other non-profits to meet in the lovely old building--even more lovely with it's new kitchen. It is the hub of civilization if you live in or around Aromas. That's why we need to support the Grange whenever we can, and have fun doing it! Here is a letter from Jan Saxon:

To My Dear Friends,
We have two fantastic women performing at the Aromas Grange on Sunday, February 8th. Chris Webster and Nina Gerber are two of my favorite performers and they are both even better when they play together.                                     

The Grange Concert Series has become one of our most successful fundraising events, helping to fund our shiny new kitchen. I need your help to get the word out and sell those tickets! If we can sell out this show, we’ll be able to pay the performers more than we ever have before and make several thousand dollars toward our solar system and new heaters.
I’m attaching a flyer for the event. Please, please forward it to all your friends who love music, or love the Aromas Grange, or both. Encourage them to buy their tickets ahead of time (they’ll save a couple bucks per ticket if they do) and plan to come early for the fabulous roast chicken dinner (don’t worry, we also have a delicious vegetarian option).
Thanks, and I’ll see you there!

Jan Saxton
VP, Aromas Community Grange

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