Friday, June 20, 2014

Gallery Joyce Oroz

Today is Friday. I love Friday because it is the day of the week when I put up the OPEN sign at the Dragonfly Gallery in Aromas. Cutest little gallery/shop in town. OK, there is only one shop in town, and one restaurant, one gas station, one church, one feed store, two grocery stores, two auto repair and at least two real estate offices.

If you are looking for books by local authors like Giselle Rocha, Nancy Jarvis, Pat Hanson, Rose Ann Woolpert and many others, or me--Joyce Oroz, the Dragonfly is the place.

The Gallery has a splendid variety of paintings, different styles for different types of people. Thank you, Frank Romero, Kati D'Amore, Evelyn Pogrowski, Jerry Harness, Nicholas Johnson and Darlene Boyd for your lovely works of art.

The jewelry is out of this world beautiful, handmade by Grace, Kay, Laurie, Mary, Diedra and others.

Every country gallery/store should have hand-sewn items and an old fashioned antique sewing machine. Every inch of the Dragonfly Gallery has surprises, antiques, objects of beauty, hand crafted items made with care. Did I mention the T-shirts, the plates and exotic wall art? The list goes on, but you gotta be there to know what I'm saying. See you next Friday!

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